Veteran Career Matching & Placement

Discovering the veterans “Career DNA’ is a critical step in successfully matching them with the right job. Current research reveals a higher then average failure rate in veterans who have not discovered their next career interest – citing that 80% of most transitioning service members/veterans do not know what they want to do for a next career. Similarly, 80% do not want to do the same job they did while serving on active duty – for many reasons: the unique nature of the work, was not their preferred job, or the equivalent civilian pay was not commensurate with military pay, and cannot support their family. However, only discovering  one’s career DNA is not enough. They must connect to the job on subconscious and emotional level believing that they will achieve the same level of “job satisfaction” in a civilian job as they did in the military. Fears must be overcome, confidence must be built, and a vision of the “right fit” must be crafted in order for veterans to excel in the civilian workforce.

To answer the call National Veterans Transition Services, Inc.developed the REBOOT Workshop™, a three-week, cohort-based program that builds the emotional, psychological, social, and professional skills necessary for successful reintegration into civilian life. Developed for transitioning military and veterans, the workshop’s insightful and personalized approach to reintegration utilizes cognitive restructuring to help veterans redefine their life – from the inside out for a successful transition home.

Veterans Defined Natural Ability (DNA)

You have probably heard someone play the piano and could see that they knew how to read music and play the notes consistently. But have you ever heard someone who really knows how to tickle the ivory? The experience changes your frame of reference for what you call a good pianist versus a great one! It’s usually easy to see when someone with a natural talent is doing what they do best, taking real satisfaction in it.
The point is simple: If you look only at your ability to do a job, then your true greatness won’t shine. You may have a reputation for doing many things well. However, if you are honest with yourself, some of those tasks may not give you satisfaction. You may not get energy or excitement from doing them. You have to separate ability from passion.
You’ve probably heard debates about nature versus nurture, and in a career, nature is so key. You have to identify your natural responses. What are the things you do well almost without thinking and take pleasure in doing? I call this your DNA: Defined Natural Ability.

Taking a innovative and holistic approach to transition, the REBOOT Workshop™ builds upon your military training and skills to help you redefine your personal identity, purpose in life, and desired occupation. Participants are immersed in a reflective and engaging curriculum that successfully bridges the gap between military and civilian worlds.

The goal of the workshop is to assist veterans in reframing their thought patterns from military service to civilian life, with all veterans achieving, within their potential, their goals in the TRANSITION DOMAINS of: Employment and Career, Education, Living Situation, Personal Effectiveness & Wellbeing and Community-Life Functioning.

The REBOOT Workshop™, focuses on three critical areas of a successful transition: Personal Identity, Purpose & Passion, and Career DNA. The workshop addresses the personal and social aspects of transition to civilian life by using research-based, outcome-driven methods drawn from the best practices in career planning and cognitive-behavioral techniques. The workshop will help you get back on track with your life/career and shift your thinking from being military directed to being self-directed.

Successfully Placing Veterans In The Civilian Workforce

Our proven methods yield the same great results that are produced when service members go through boot camp – a better then 90% success rate!

Transitioning to Civilian Life is Not a Job Change's an identity Change!

Each year over 200,000 service members leave the military. Over 80% struggle with rebuilding their lives and finding meaningful employment. With your support we can help them REBOOT their lives.

Placement Provided By Our Subsidiary

Hire G.I. serves those who have served by developing transitioning military personnel, and pairing those candidates with top-tier employers. Hire G.I. has become the working link between veterans entering the civilian workforce and military-friendly companies seeking optimum employee fit. Hire G.I. has developed a proprietary blend of veteran candidate development and placement services, resulting in synergistic human capital investments for all of our clients.

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