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An Employer-driven Initiative to Reboot the Lives & Careers of Transitioning Service Members and Veterans While Promoting Employment in key Priority Industries

By focusing on and resolving the key reintegration issues of veterans and the challenges employers face trying to hire them, Operation REBOOT will orchestrate a predictable talent pipeline from military service to employment in priority sectors through a coordinated effort with other agencies.

In partnership with local training partners and employers, the program will start by REBOOTing and re-classifying transitioning service members/veterans, then matching them with jobs in high job growth industry sectors, coordinating job training, and then placing them with local businesses.

Placement partners for Operation REBOOT includes employer members supporting the program who are veteran-friendly.

The goal of the program is to ultimately process 2000 to 2400 cohorts annually and are seeking investors for OPERATION REBOOT to help push more transitioning service members and veterans through the program.

For more information on becoming a OPERATION REBOOT employer member, email maurice@nvtsi.org or call 619-822-2704.

The Challenge

Making the transition back to civilian life and civilian work environments after serving in the military can be a difficult challenge, especially for the newer and younger generation of servicemen and women who were deployed several times to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The lack of access to adequate transitional counseling and services presents many with daunting challenges, such as finding employment, adjusting to the social environment of the civilian world, and rejoining civilian society can seem impossible to our nation’s heroes, as many are ill-equipped to handle and, in most cases, are unwilling (or don’t know how) to seek assistance to address.

“53% of 200,000 (106,000) transitioning military go on 22 weeks of unemployment insurance annually”

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Recent surveys reveal that: 

  • Over 90% of returning service members do not feel ready to enter the civilian job market.
  • A same number have not defined their new career goals and are unclear about next steps.
  • Many struggle to overcome anxiety, self-doubt , and negative thoughts.
  • A big number feel lost after living the in highly structured and disciplined world of the military.


“REBOOT has been carefully designed to address reintegration issues at their root cause by focusing on the (service member’s) positive attributes and teaching attendees how to understand and control thoughts. The workshop works through numerous scenarios and guides them through various situations providing them with peer-to-peer advice and sound cognitive education. The workshop validates their experience and teaches them how to manage thoughts and develop social cohesion for their return home.” — Ronne Froman, RADM (Ret) NVTSI/REBOOT Co-Founder

“The toughest battle they will face is the journey home; as many have to battle – unemployment, homelessness, suicide, drug abuse, depression, and anxiety.” Maurice D. Wilson, MCPO, USN, President/ED and Co-founder , NVTSI/REBOOT


98% Career/Life: REBOOT
97% Employment/Education
93% Retention After One Year

Workshop Results verified by the University of San Diego in an independent study funded by the Kisco Foundation.

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“The present structure of the military really requires intensive training on the front end (requiring) weeks of boot camp. But one of the things we’re finding is that there’s not as much effort on the back end as those service members are separating and preparing to enter the work force.” — White House Staff comment after President Obama announced the need for a “Reverse Boot Camp (REBOOT)” on August 5, 2011