REBOOT your life after military service!

Over 1500 transitioning service members, veterans and spouses have completed the workshop.

Our 3 Week REBOOT Workshop™
will help you:





  • Enhance and build upon your training, experience, and skills to prepare you for life after the military.
  • Build your understanding of how your mind works, and how you can control the way you think to achieve success—in any part of your life that you desire.
  • Design and create the road map and foundation to your life plan and future.
  • Define your career based on your passion and goals.


  • Learn about yourself and your environment as you strive to redefine your life and your goals and aspirations.
  • Personally develop in all areas, enabling you to be in charge of living a balanced life of purpose, meaning, and happiness for you, your family, and your friends.
  • Take charge of your estimation of your worth and stop relying on the opinion of others.
  • Learn how to reset your goals as you approach their accomplishment, which keeps you constantly moving forward.

NVTSI has developed an ’end-to-end’ solution for helping Veterans transition successfully into the workforce and get the right job by combining hightouch CBE training with high-tech job matching resulting in unmatched results all completed in three weeks!

High-Touch – The REBOOT Wokshop™ is a nationally recognized three-week program that reintegrates service members and veterans back into civilian life while keeping their military core values intact. It consists of the following elements:

  • Series of cognitive-restructuring educational seminars.
  • Designed for service members, veterans and family members.
  • Promotes a successful social transition from military service to civilian life by addressing the transition domains of:
    • Personal identity
    • Purpose/life meaning
    • Career assessment/matching
    • Work readiness training
    • Peer support

High-Tech – The job matching services are introduced in week three of the workshop. Using our proprietary employer outreach technology and all new transferable skills system, our Smart Veteran Placement System (SVPS) enables the case manager/coach and the veteran to conduct in-depth transferable skills analysis, taking into account a Veteran’s Definitive Natural Abilities (DNA) and local labor market information. It is the only system of its kind that addresses and analyzes disabilities as they relate to finding the right job.

The SVPS employer outreach module uncovers the hidden job market (which the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates at greater than 67% of job openings) and engages thousands of employers, targeting the employers who have openings that match the Veteran’s selected occupations.

This method of placement assistance is far superior to responding to postings on job boards since the job leads that the SVPS uncovers have a direct HR connection, and are much further down the process flow line of getting a job.

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